On performative climate justice

Mar 20, 2023

The performance of climate justice narratives for the purpose of recruiting marginalised people into climate spaces puts those same people at risk of retraumatisation

As the phrase ‘Climate Justice’ becomes more widespread, its usage for the purposes of recruitment has also become increasingly prevalent. But claiming “Climate Justice is ‘x’ Justice” without internal and introspective action only creates the illusion of a safer space for those most impacted by ‘x’ injustice.

To tackle oppressive systems within climate spaces, we need to go further than purely stating links between injustices. We need to embody their interconnectedness within our organising methods. Many climate groups use imagery of pride marches, BLM protests, and picket lines to signal a ‘climate justice’ based approach, yet consistently fail to uplift the voices of the marginalised communities they are portraying.

This is a call to action for ALL groups claiming Climate Justice as part of their ethos. It is a call to tackle oppression in all of its forms within both online and in person spaces. It is a call to do better.